Could stand toe-to-toe with any other large retailer.

Examples of companies making meaning. 02:20 And YouTube, finally, wanted to enable people to create video, 02:25 to upload video, to share video. 02:27 So this is an example of the company and the kind of meaning they made. 02:32 And, as you know, 02:33 they all made this kind of meaning and they've been highly successful. 02:37 So what I noticed in my career is that if you truly want to make meaning, 02:41 it's the first step towards innovation. 02:44 The second step is to make a mantra: 02:46 a two- or three-, maybe four-word explanation 02:49 of why your meaning should exist. 02:51 This is an anti-example. 02:53 This is the mission statement of Wendy's. 02:55 The mission of Wendy's is to deliver superior quality products and services 02:59 for our customers and communities 03:01 through leadership, innovation, and partnerships. 03:03 I have been through Wendy's many times in my life - 03:06 I've eaten at Wendy's; I've driven through Wendy's - 03:08 and in every occasion, it has never occurred to me 03:12 that "Guy, what you are participating in 03:14 is leadership, innovation, and partnerships." 03:17 (Laughter) 03:19 You know, excuse me, 03:20 but I thought I was just getting French fries, Coke, and a hamburger. 03:25 This is the problem with mission statements. 03:27 Don't make a mission statement. Make a mantra. 03:29 Wendy's mantra should be "Healthy fast food." 03:33 Three words that determine what Wendy's is trying to do. 03:36 Somewhat oxymoronic - but "Healthy fast food." 03:40 Nike. Nike has a great slogan: Just do it. 03:43 That's a slogan. 03:44 A mantra explains why you should exist, 03:47 and the Nike mantra is "Authentic athletic performance." 03:51 And finally, there's FedEx. 03:53 When you absolutely, positively want something somewhere, 03:56 what does FedEx stand for? 03:58 It stands for "Peace of mind." 04:00 So my second recommendation to you 04:03 is that when you decide on the kind of meaning you make,

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