Es, it is true that I am a Stanford graduate.

 Don't hold that against me, okay? 00:09 My son goes to Cal, so I have some link to Cal. 00:12 It is really an honor to speak at any TEDx, 00:15 but to open one up is really, really special. 00:19 So last night I told my wife, you know, of all places, 00:23 in your wildest dreams, 00:24 did you ever think that I would open up TEDxBerkeley? 00:28 And she said, honey, you're not in my wildest dreams. 00:31 (Laughter) 00:33 So, welcome to my life. 00:36 (Applause) 00:39 You know, the theme of thinking and defining and creating 00:42 is all about innovation, 00:44 so my talk is about the art of innovation. 00:46 I use the top ten format. 00:48 That's because I've seen so many high-tech speakers, 00:51 and I'll tell you, most high-tech speakers suck, 00:54 so I figured out very early in my career if you use the top ten format, 00:57 at least the audience can track progress through your speech, 01:00 so if they think you suck, 01:02 they know about how much longer you'll suck. 01:04 So I have ten key points for you. 01:07 I worked at Apple, 01:08 I've been a venture capitalist, an entrepreneur, an advisor to Google, 01:11 I've done a lot of things, and I've learned a lot about innovation, 01:14 which I would like to pass on to you now so that you may go and change the world. 01:19 Okay? 01:20 This is my top ten of the art of innovation. 01:22 It starts with the desire to make meaning as opposed to make money. 01:27 Making meaning means that you change the world. 01:30 And I think you'll notice that if you happen to change the world, 01:34 you will also probably make money, 01:36 but if you start off with the sole desire to make money, 01:39 you probably won't make money, you won't make meaning, 01:42 you won't change the world, and you will probably fail. 01:45 So my first thought for you is: determine how you can make meaning. 01:50 How can you change the world? 01:52 Here are some examples. 01:53 With Apple, Apple wanted to democratize computers. 01:57 They wanted to bring computing power to everyone. 02:00 That's the meaning they made. 02:02 With Google, they wanted to democratize information, 02:05 making information available to everyone. 02:08 With eBay, they wanted to democratize commerce 02:11 so that anyone with the website

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