Fresh available food will be a necessity in our cities not only to feed citizens

but also to keep them healthy 16:03 as populations age and the incidence of 16:06 diabetes continues to rise across the 16:08 developed world Singapore like all 16:10 cities needs to encourage its citizens 16:13 to eat smart and well we wanted to 16:20 deploy food and beverages okay as a tool 16:23 to manage it could be health it could be 16:25 wellness it could be performance and of 16:27 course also for fitness as well believe 16:32 it or not these colorful sculptures are 16:35 edible 16:36 they are the creations of dr. Lehmann 16:39 why a scientists at Singapore 16:41 polytechnics food innovation and 16:43 resource center using the latest 16:46 breakthroughs in technology she is 16:48 creating food tailored to the exact 16:51 calorie and nutrition needs of 16:53 Singapore's senior citizens we wanted to 16:56 look at personalized nutrition for a 16:58 target group to pull so what we started 17:00 off is basically looking at people with 17:02 different lifestyles or otherwise 17:03 looking at people with different health 17:05 conditions to realize her vision dr. Lee 17:09 collaborated with bioengineer mark Wang 17:11 to build a piece of wearable tech that 17:14 can monitor a person's nutritional 17:16 requirements Orion developed here at 17:19 Sonoma Polytechnic is what we call the 17:21 inter sent system is a no-fun factor for 17:23 watch the app it's pulling data from the 17:26 from the wearable so this data can be 17:29 fed to algorithms to compute specialized 17:32 individual nutrients that are customized 17:36 for the individual so a 3d printer could 17:38 then use this data and print out the 17:41 appropriate nutrient values suitable for 17:44 the individual dr. Lee's system is one 17:47 of the first of its kind in Singapore 17:49 perhaps the world 2 pair wearable tech 17:52 with 3d printing to create food with 17:55 personalized nutritional values this 17:57 particular printer actually has a 17:59 beautiful way of allowing us to 18:00 customize nutrition so there should be 18:02 probably a chicken rice that is actually 18:04 high in calcium some de is actually good 18:06 for potassium and different types of 18:08 vitamins and minerals there is a custom 18:11 while still an experimental prototype 18:13 the potential is staggering this jelly 18:17 packs a punch with the necessary 18:19 nutrients for optimizing health and even 18:21 preventing diseases with greater sets of 18:25 data from each individual we can now 18:27 create a whole library or database and 18:29 identify trends by using machine 18:31 learning or using AI so that is 18:34 extremely powerful in the near future to 18:36 be able to predict potential health 18:39 issues and mitigate those health issues 18:41 in population centers before events 18:47 through imaginative planning and 18:50 technological innovation Singapore is 18:52 finding new ways to house and feed its 18:55 growing population by perhaps one of the 19:01 biggest challenges facing any global 19:04 city will be ensuring a constant safe 19:07 supply of that most precious of 19:09 resources water Singapore currently uses 19:15 2 billion litres of water a day the most 19:18 efficient source of fresh water is rain 19:21 and to capitalize on this resource the 19:24 nation is criss-crossed with an 19:26 extensive network of rivers and canals 19:28 the channel every last precious drop of 19:30 rain into 17 storage reservoirs 19:35 [Music] 19:41 about two-thirds of Singapore is what 19:44 the catchment area that's about 400 plus 19:47 square kilometers 19:49 so water that falls on a catchment area 19:52 we will find its way in to our drains 19:55 and canals which linked to one of our 19:58 reservoirs Singapore's catchment system 20:01 is extensive and efficient but to 20:04 collect rainwater you need land and lots 20:07 of it

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