Hmm this life and kicking in well the spirit of using technological

 ingenuity to improve lives has been 40:54 built into the city itself with green 40:56 corridors and protected parkland 40:59 keep in Singapore from becoming a 41:01 concrete jungle 41:05 in its efforts conserve and protected 41:07 status as a city in a garden and Parks 41:10 is employing the power of technology so 41:15 one of the tools that we use is called 41:17 the SU by OLS app it's a free citizen 41:20 science base at where everybody can 41:22 download and you could make hot boy 41:24 outside things that you see in Singapore 41:26 it could be at your park it could be in 41:29 a forest in Singapore and using this 41:31 data you can develop some conservation 41:34 or management strategies where we could 41:36 consider them heavy threats are for 41:38 Texas and green spaces the app is 41:41 empowering Singapore citizens to play a 41:44 meaningful role in the conservation and 41:46 protection of the city's incredible 41:49 biodiversity 41:50 [Music] 41:55 those of us over there the other junk 41:57 awful and they're like chickens about 42:01 yeah technically not chickens right 42:05 [Music] 42:09 walking home in the daytime whether you 42:12 should be working by the nighttime I'll 42:13 be probably down on my couch and 42:16 watching television 42:17 I spend most of my time on the phone 42:20 watching YouTube playing games 42:23 not only is the citizen science program 42:26 healthy and parks maintain Singapore's 42:28 rich ecosystem but also helping people 42:30 build connections with green spaces and 42:33 each other 42:35 Singapore is our schedule and so what we 42:39 need is to preserve what we have now and 42:41 using the technology we are able to 42:43 provide feedback to national paper on 42:45 the species that we still have a cell 42:48 phone as the modern world rapidly 42:56 marches towards urbanization our future 42:59 cities will face unprecedented pressures 43:02 innovation and technological 43:04 advancements will help bring pork down 43:06 to how we move how we work and how we 43:10 learn in Singapore that change is 43:16 already underway it feels like we are 43:20 part of building and creating a 43:23 Singapore that is vibrant safe and also 43:26 sustainable for the people now and also 43:29 for the future 43:31 if we can do it here in Singapore we can 43:33 literally do it anywhere in the world 43:34 and we are excited almost on a everyday 43:38 basis we are motivated by the fact that 43:40 we can make a difference I heard from 43:43 one Nobel Prize winner only a prepared 43:46 mind can see opportunity and we are 43:49 using this opportunity by getting us who 43:52 prepared

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