Singapore's digital startups are dreaming up ingenious new technology

proving that perhaps the greatest 33:06 resource will need in the future 33:08 is imagination 33:16 in tomorrow's super connected smart 33:19 cities every aspect of our lives could 33:22 be affected by the constantly changing 33:24 world of digital technology 33:28 preparing the next generation for this 33:30 future is top of mind for most educators 33:33 of today in Singapore that preparation 33:37 starts early using tech tools to teach 33:42 children the building blocks of a 33:44 digital mindset including the most basic 33:47 skill needed for coding sequential 33:49 learning sequential learning it seems 33:53 easy for us doubts but it's actually not 33:54 easy for them at all to know who comes 33:56 first and who comes next 33:58 all right children we're going to move 34:01 over there 34:02 and then we're gonna find your trial 34:03 ease then are we gonna put them in your 34:05 basket 34:10 I feel that there's a lot of skills that 34:13 they can gain from having the tech toys 34:15 as well 34:15 Melanie problem solving skills 34:17 communication skills language skills as 34:20 well and also they learn how to 34:22 problem-solve 34:23 sequential as well the play maker 34:31 program there are three tech toys the B 34:33 board is something that is very friendly 34:35 and very easy to operate because there's 34:37 only a few buttons for the children to 34:39 use so for example we have the forward 34:41 and backward 10 11 10 right button 34:45 [Music] 34:46 people I would say it's a little bit 34:48 high-end order thinking whereby children 34:51 will have to sequence the blocks as 34:54 pretty in order and they have to scan 34:56 the barcode so for kibo it won't 34:58 function if they don't start with a 35:00 begin block and any with the end block 35:02 so during that time children actually 35:04 get to do a trial and error to see 35:07 whether it works or not these tech toys 35:11 introduce children to advanced learning 35:13 concepts in doing so they are arming 35:17 future generations of Singaporeans with 35:19 the skills necessary for computer 35:21 programming and literacy without 35:24 exposing them to too much screen time 35:27 this dynamic new approach to education 35:30 is of critical importance for parents 35:32 helping to prepare their children for 35:34 the workplaces of the future I've got 35:39 three boys they are 12 Levin and 35:41 youngest Paul since I'm in the finance 35:44 line the current way to go is the 35:46 FinTech the concern for how my kids are 35:49 going to cope with the new change India 35:53 Korea Falls has always been there

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