Singapore's focus on training all of its citizens for the future is nurturing a highly educated

versatile and connected 38:08 population connectivity and community 38:12 will shape the world of tomorrow and in 38:15 Singapore that sense of community is 38:18 already revealing itself in new and 38:20 surprising ways 38:25 we are racing towards a future that will 38:29 be dominated by technology in the 38:31 decades to come dedicated citizens will 38:34 find ways to harness that technology to 38:37 make a positive impact enhancing lives 38:39 through creative innovation in Singapore 38:45 technology is already being created that 38:48 will care for the nation's most 38:49 vulnerable we try to provide sleep 38:53 wellness for newborn babies and also 38:55 premature babies so what you do is that 39:05 you actually put a baby on it and after 39:08 you sleep for about minute we can give 39:10 you the breath calm and know how well 39:12 your baby is sleeping when a baby sleep 39:15 they have a lot of periodic breathing 39:17 that means they breathe and they be 39:19 stopped debrief and stop now this 39:21 happened to 2% of the newborn baby but 39:26 it happened to 60% for premature babies 39:30 [Music] 39:32 periodic breathing dramatically reduces 39:35 oxygen flow which can have a detrimental 39:38 effect on a baby's growth and even their 39:41 cognitive development the breath optic 39:44 system uses fiber-optic technology to 39:47 help monitor this or Frank this project 39:50 is personal 39:53 I think one of the driving force of us 39:56 inventing this product but we cost 24 40:00 years ago I had a premature son at a 40:05 point in time I bought whatever is 40:08 available to try to monitor a baby and I 40:11 Chi for for one month 40:13 me and my wife didn't sleep in the same 40:15 room because we took Chow our ship to 40:18 stay at a baby so we took turns to do 40:22 look after my son for fall for a while 40:25 so when we were able to use the optic 40:28 technology optic fiber technology to 40:30 create such a sensor we really know what 40:34 we want because I was in that position 40:37 with you when your son is okay now oh my 40:40 sighs perfecto

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