Try to find two or three words that describe why that meaning should exist.

 Not a 50-word mission statement, 04:12 two- or three-word mantra. 04:14 The third thing is a matter of perspective. 04:17 The perspective is to jump curves. 04:20 Not to stay on the same stupid curve that you're on. 04:24 Not to try to do things 10% better. 04:27 When we were creating the Macintosh, 04:28 we were not trying to make a slightly better Apple II 04:32 or a slightly better MS-DOS machine. 04:34 We were trying to jump to the next curve of personal computing. 04:38 The greatest example of this occurs in the ice business. 04:43 Ice 1.0. 04:44 In the late 1800s early 1900s, 04:46 there was an ice harvesting business in the United States. 04:49 This meant that Bubba and Jr., during winter, 04:52 would go to a frozen lake or pond, cut blocks of ice. 04:55 Nine million pounds of ice was harvested in 1900. 04:59 Their idea of innovation was: bigger horse, 05:03 more horses, bigger sleigh, sharper saw. 05:06 But it was fundamentally: wait for winter, live in a cold city, cut blocks of ice. 05:11 30 years later, we have Ice 2.0. 05:13 Now we have the ice factory. 05:16 Major technological breakthrough. 05:18 It did not have to be winter; it did not have to be a cold city. 05:21 You froze water centrally 05:23 and delivered it via the ice man in the ice truck. 05:27 Imagine the breakthrough this was. 05:30 No more limitations by climate. No more limitations by season. 05:35 You could have an ice factory. 05:37 30 years go by, we have Ice 3.0. 05:40 Refrigerator curve. 05:41 Now, it's not a matter of can you freeze water, essentially? 05:46 Can you put it in a truck? 05:47 Can you deliver the ice to people? 05:50 Now, everybody could have their own personal ice factory. 05:54 A PC, if you will. A Personal Chiller. 05:57 (Laughter) 05:59 The very interesting story about all of these curves 06:02 is that none of the organizations that were ice harvesters 06:05 became ice factories, 06:06 and ice factories did not become refrigerator companies, 06:10 because most companies define themselves in terms of what they do, 06:14 not the benefits they provide. 06:16 If you define yourself as we cut blocks of ice out of lakes, 06:20 you remain an ice harvester. 06:22 If you define yourself as we freeze water centrally, 06:25 you remain an ice factory. 06:27 If you define yourself 06:28 as we make a mechanical gadget called a refrigerator,

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